Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Bit of Diversion

Due to popular request (of one), I've decided to put the whole global economic mess into some meaningful context --- the universe really is properly aligned this morning.

The debt ceiling deal was a bust, Congress is dysfunctional, S&P has downgraded the US AAA credit rating, the Dow 30 is down over 1,000 points in the last couple of weeks because of our political dysfunction and Europe’s mess, and Obama doesn’t seem to have a clue how to put a jobs plan on the table and fight for it --- but all is right with the world this morning because the Yankees took care of business last night and are in 1st (for the moment). Let’s hope they continue their last-half-of-the-season “dominance” of the Red Sox.

Here are my latest Yankees’ Like-em and Hate-em lists ---

The We-Could-Get-Along-Without-Them List
AJ --- Why is this guy still in the starting rotation? Oh yes, the rationale is he makes too much money to sit. That’s not how I would manage the business. When you have a loser in the equity market, you evaluate the potential for that stock reversing course in the future --- you don’t care where it’s been in its glory days; if you think it’s going to go down further, or even stay where it is, and there are other investments which have more upside potential, you cut loose of the loser and redeploy your money.
ARod --- Yanks are 8-0 without him and all his drama. Wish they could just forget him and move on for the rest of the season with Nunez and Chavez at 3rd.
Andruw Jones --- Doesn’t show me much offensively or defensively, although his #s are decent against LHPs.
Posada --- I still think he’s over the hill and too old to climb back up. Strikes out on too much --- in many instances just watching the ball go by. (Can’t figure out Girardi’s line-up last night ---- Posada as DH even though he can’t hit LHP; Andruw in LF instead of DH, but Gardner sits even though he’s now one of the best LFs in the game.)

The Like-These-Guys List
Jeter --- He’s moved up in my mind. Seems the mid-season DL rest re-energized him. Also, I don’t think his pre-pitch sway at the plate is quite as pronounced as it was before he went on the DL.
The rest of the infield.
The entire pitching staff sans Hughes, Soriano and Logan (see The Jury-Is-Still-Out List for these three.) Negatives here are Robertson (too many BBs) and Mariano (hold my breath every time), and I hope Colon and Garcia hold up for the rest of the season.
The entire outfield sans Jones. (Gardner has moved up in my mind and I always was high on Swish and Granderson.)
Both catchers, although I wish they were better offensively. But you can’t argue with Martin’s defense and ability to work with the Ps, and Cervelli’s enthusiasm.

The Jury-Is-Still-Out List
Hughes --- one good start has moved him off the Hate-em list, but the jury is still out.
Logan --- seems to be improving.
Soriano --- his attitude seems better after coming off the DL and he’s pitching better than pre-DL.
Girardi --- some of his moves seem brilliant (or is it just lucky?) and others leave you scratching your head.

I think that’s enough for this morning --- need to write something about the S&P downgrade of US debt.