Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Affordable Care Act is a "Jobs Killer"???

For those who would argue that the Affordable Care Act (aka, ObamaCare) has deprived the US economic recovery of full-time jobs in favor of part-time jobs (and, therefore, is a "jobs killer"), here's a chart showing to the objective observer that the spike in part-time jobs and the loss of full-time jobs was a result of the recession and not the ACA. Indeed, the trend in part-time jobs has been a decline, even as the ACA was considered in the Congress, enacted into law and now is about to be implemented on October 1st.
So ... what is the real motivation of those opposing the ACA, which provides the opportunity for 10s of millions of American citizens to obtain health insurance that they otherwise may not be able to have?
(The chart shows the FT/PT employment relationship for the period January 2007 - August 2013.)